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Types of Home/Business Networks

There are two main types of home networks: wireless (WiFi) and wired.

1. Wireless Home Network

Wireless WiFi home networks are the most popular kind of home networking. There are two main benefits of wireless networks:

  • They are compatible with any WiFi-enabled device, including mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and smart TVs.

  • They are incredibly easy to connect to, as they only require a wireless modem.


2. Wired Home/Business Networks

Wired networks are commonly used in large homes where the WiFi signal can weaken if it needs to pass through walls or travel a great distance. With a wired network we install lots of data points where you need them most – and you can then plug in your computer, printer or other device at these points – except for smart phones and tablets.

However we even have a way around that! We’ll install WiFi modem to a LAN point to extend the reach of your WiFi signal. Combining wired networking with wireless network usually yields the best results.

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