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Increased productivity. Anywhere, anytime access directly translates to more productivity and efficiency, since employees can perform business-critical tasks from home, at a coffee shop, in an airport lounge kiosk, or virtually anywhere they have a mobile device that is internet-connected. 

Savings. Organizations can save in several ways by adopting cloud desktops. Since employees can access their desktop from any device, there is no need to take CAPEX hits to the IT budget to provision expensive, high-performance laptops or desktops for their business use. The life of existing client devices can be extended, since the heavy lifting of computing is all done at the cloud host. On the operations side, many organizations find they can reduce their IT support needs as well, saving additional funds on a month-to-month basis. 

Enhanced security. The physical security of most hyperscale cloud providers is legendary, far exceeding that of all but the most security-conscious organizations. Additionally, since business applications and data reside in the cloud rather than on the device, a lost device does not present a business threat, and a dropped or broken device used to access the cloud hosted desktop has no impact on the data and applications already stored in the cloud. 

Self-service simplicity. Cloud desktops can be provisioned, accessed, and de-provisioned whenever needed – in seconds or minutes. Instead of ordered a desktop from a manufacturer or reseller, IT teams can provision a cloud hosted desktop while a new hire is filling out paperwork and have it ready for use by the time they reach their desk.


Increased agility. Cloud desktops receive updates to applications and utilities automatically, with no need to ‘push’ updates to individual users. From a user perspective, the ability to use virtually any device to access their virtual desktop or applications means that whether they prefer PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android they will see the same applications that perform in the same way and have them available at their fingertips whenever they need to. 

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